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Our branded coffees
Majestic Mountain offers a wide variety of coffees to fit every palate and occasion.

Private labeling
Instead of selling and promoting someone else's coffee, private labeling allows you to build your own brand and differentiate your store from your competitors.

Why Majestic Mountain?

Majestic Mountain Coffee roasts only the finest beans available in the marketplace, and can create a custom roast or blend to suit your taste. With over 20 years of experience in the coffee industry, we have established long-term relationships with growers and vendors in order to offer the finest coffees available, from the best coffee-growing regions in the world. We are a certified Washington State Department of Agriculture Organic Food Processor.


Depending on your business location, Majestic Mountain will deliver to your establishment. Outside our service area, coffee will be shipped via UPS, and depending on volume, may result in shipping charges.

The equipment you use is a significant factor in the ability to brew a perfect cup. If you are in need of equipment, Majestic Mountain will help evaluate your requirements, develop a system, and purchase equipment and maintenance plans through our industry partners at competitive prices. For high-volume customers within our service area, we provide modern brewing equipment free of charge.

Customer Service
At Majestic Mountain our #1 priority is you! We are committed to earning your trust, not just your business. In partnering with Majestic Mountain, you will have direct access to the owners, who will provide all the products, resources and services necessary to help your reach your business goals.

It is vitally important that your employees understand and appreciate your desire to serve quality coffee, and are trained to do so. Majestic Mountain provides on-site training for all our customers, whether new or long-established. You may be interested in our new "Train the Trainer" option, on your site or ours.



To find out how Majestic Mountain can help you create your own private label and exclusive roasts, call us at 360-297-7817 (8am to 5pm PT) or fill out the contact form below.


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Brew Clue

So you’ve bought what is quite possibly the world’s finest coffee. Now what about the other 98% of what’s in your cup?

That’s right — the water you use can have a significant effect on the taste of your coffee. Connoisseurs always brew with cold, filtered water.

Choices, choices: coffee profiles

To help you choose coffees that suit your taste, we've rated each Majestic Mountain coffee on four primary characteristics.

Sample Profile

Aroma: The first impression of smell and taste, from mild and delicate to complex and intense.

Body: The perceived weight, fullness and texture of a coffee in the mouth. Body is described as thin, light, medium, full or heavy.

Acidity: Coffees with higher acidity have a sharp, lively flavor, while varieties with lower acidity are smoother and more mellow.

Flavor: The combined impression of aromatics,
smell and taste once the coffee is actually in the





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