Majestic Mountain Coffee


SWISS WATER DECAF   If you prefer an almost caffeine-free cup with a medium-bodied rich flavor, this is for you!



12 oz bag



Majestic Mountain Blend

DECAF   This blend of Indonesian (Swiss water decaf) and coffees of the Americas (organic decaf) is excellent for espresso and drip coffee. It features a robust, exotic, fruity aftertaste of burnt caramel.



12 oz bag





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Brew Clue

So you’ve bought what is quite possibly the world’s finest coffee. Now what about the other 98% of what’s in your cup?

That’s right — the water you use can have a significant effect on the taste of your coffee. Connoisseurs always brew with cold, filtered water.

Choices, choices: coffee profiles

To help you choose coffees that suit your taste, we've rated each Majestic Mountain coffee on four primary characteristics.

Sample Profile

Aroma: The first impression of smell and taste, from mild and delicate to complex and intense.

Body: The perceived weight, fullness and texture of a coffee in the mouth. Body is described as thin, light, medium, full or heavy.

Acidity: Coffees with higher acidity have a sharp, lively flavor, while varieties with lower acidity are smoother and more mellow.

Flavor: The combined impression of aromatics,
smell and taste once the coffee is actually in the





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