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Brew Clue

So you’ve bought what is quite possibly the world’s finest coffee. Now what about the other 98% of what’s in your cup?

That’s right — the water you use can have a significant effect on the taste of your coffee. Connoisseurs always brew with cold, filtered water.

Choices, choices: coffee profiles

To help you choose coffees that suit your taste, we've rated each Majestic Mountain coffee on four primary characteristics.

Sample Profile

Aroma: The first impression of smell and taste, from mild and delicate to complex and intense.

Body: The perceived weight, fullness and texture of a coffee in the mouth. Body is described as thin, light, medium, full or heavy.

Acidity: Coffees with higher acidity have a sharp, lively flavor, while varieties with lower acidity are smoother and more mellow.

Flavor: The combined impression of aromatics,
smell and taste once the coffee is actually in the





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