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The idea of being in the coffee business began in the late 80's.  Randy Olson and wife Annemarie were looking for an opportunity to leave the corporate business world and to fulfill a dream of owning their own coffee business.

This dream became reality in Kingston, a small town located on the shore of Puget Sound on the Kitsap Peninsula in the state of Washington.  This dream was not only to have retail outlets but also to roast and sell our own specialty coffees.

Majestic Mountain Coffee

From the beginning we made a promise to search out and create long term relationships with growers and vendors in order to offer the finest coffees available, from the best coffee growing regions in the world.

Today, with over twenty years of experience, we continue to ask ourselves what makes Majestic Mountain Coffee superior to any other coffee on the market today?  Quite simply, we have mastered our hand-roasted, slow-development roasting methods and techniques, providing what we and our customers say is "Quite possibly the world’s finest coffee."

Yes, hand-roasting coffee using our Slow Development Roasting Method is painstakingly time-consuming, but it is an art that can't be reduced to a formula or replicated by a computer, and to those competitors who think we are foolish, we say: "Have a cup!"

Majestic Mountain Coffee offers a wide variety of coffees to fit every palate and occasion. We invite you to experience the unparalleled pleasures our coffees provide, and discover for yourself the varieties that are most suited to your taste. If for any reason you are not satisfied with your coffee purchase, we will gladly replace your coffee with another more suited to your taste, or refund the purchase price.

Originally, we decided to remain small and exclusive to our small region, however through overwhelming repeated customer requests from our clientele across the nation to offer our retail and wholesale customers a web-based storefront, here we are!

Our objectives are that we consistently remain committed to earning your trust not just your business and provide all our customers "quite possibly the worlds finest coffee" at a reasonable price.





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Brew Clue

So you’ve bought what is quite possibly the world’s finest coffee. Now what about the other 98% of what’s in your cup?

That’s right — the water you use can have a significant effect on the taste of your coffee. Connoisseurs always brew with cold, filtered water.

Choices, choices: coffee profiles

To help you choose coffees that suit your taste, we've rated each Majestic Mountain coffee on four primary characteristics.

Sample Profile

Aroma: The first impression of smell and taste, from mild and delicate to complex and intense.

Body: The perceived weight, fullness and texture of a coffee in the mouth. Body is described as thin, light, medium, full or heavy.

Acidity: Coffees with higher acidity have a sharp, lively flavor, while varieties with lower acidity are smoother and more mellow.

Flavor: The combined impression of aromatics,
smell and taste once the coffee is actually in the





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